Sunday, August 7, 2011

Team Jeju Big Swim 2011

The Jeju Big Swim team is growing. It's also changing. Of course there is team member Sung Mi who worked so tirelessly last year and without whose efforts, Jeju Big Swim would not have happened. And that is definately the case again this year.

Sung Mi was supposed to have flown off to Mongolia today however the trip has been cancelled thanks to cyclone Muifa. Mongolia's loss, but definately our gain!

We have team member Eugene who has got our web site up and running in both Korean and English.  Thanks to Eugene's efforts the day's events, schedule and other relevant information is all in one place (

We are really lucky that Mr Kim Cheon Dae has joined the team. He is the president of the lifeguard team who swam with me on the last day of last years Jeju Big Swim. Mr Kim is very committed to making Jeju Big Swim a community event  and is excited about its potential to foster environmental education and awareness. Mr Kim is liaising with the marine police, coordinating the kayakers and is responsible for swimmer registrations. He is also dealing with the safety issues and sorting out the logistics of the swims.

We are a very small team - but we are hoping that from small things, big things will grow. 

We have received support from several people. My university, Southern Cross University, provided free gym and pool membership so that i could train.

Mr Lee, from Mr Lee's Bike Shop, is supporting JBS by providing a 50cc scooter - with all the running around we've had to do it has been worth its weight in gold. A huge thankyou Mr Lee!

We are still looking for someone who can act as translator and manage our Korean blog and Facebook page.

Mr Lee and the 50cc scooter outside his shop.

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