Meet The Jeju Big Swim Team

Born in 1959 and raised in Sydney, Australia, Sherrin Hibbard lived on Jeju Island from 2004 to 2011. She worked as a commercial fisherman for more than a decade and after completing a four-year apprenticeship, became a qualified boat builder. She has an Honours Degree in Maritime Archaeology and completed her Masters Degree in Interpretive Studies through Leicester University's Museum Studies Department.

Sherrin is now living in Australia working towards 'proper' teaching qualifications. Sherrin is a graduate of the 2009 intake of the haenyo school in Gwideok. A keen yacht sailor, cyclist, scuba and freediver, Sherrin has a great love for the sea and is passionate about all things maritime.

Sung-mi is the oldest daughter of a mandarin orange farmer in Namwon. Because her Jeju parents taught her the farming philosophy of "The soil never lies," she has always been interested in nature and primitive things.

She loves Jeju - the land she lives in. Sung-mi does many things to reduce environmental pollution such as using water from washing rice instead of dishwashing liquid, and not using plastic bags. She believes these small actions are for everyone and became involved in this environmental project in order to spread the environmental awareness and project a voice about loving Jeju.

Sung-mi is now doing a Masters degree in Journalism at Jeju National University. Using the experiences she gained working on last year's Jeju Big Swim, Sung-mi has taken over the role of coordinator.

Kenny's Korean name is Kim Young-jin. He was born and raised in Jeju City and is a family man with two kids. The 37-year-old works at the Jeju Airport Duty Free Shop for JDC (Jeju Free International City Development Center), and is very interested in promoting Jeju as a corporate tourism destination.

Kenny likes meeting foreigners and tries to go hiking at least once a month with his family.