Friday, July 20, 2012

Getting The Message Out There

What i really like about being able to come back to Jeju and participate in World Environment and Island Summer School is that it provides a platform; a platform where i get the opportunity to get people thinking about, talking about, and engaging with the issues. This year i'll give a presentation and workshop on some of the problems affecting our seas - acidification, rising sea temperatures, over fishing, pollution, and so on. It's an opportunity to get people thinking about why they should care.

Jeju Big Swim will again be a part of the World Environment and Island Summer School program. As a platform, Jeju Big Swim has enormous potential to promote environmental education and raise environmental awareness. 

Whilst i am enormously grateful for the support given by WEISS, for Jeju Big Swim to reach its full potential there is a need for a passionate and committed individual or group to take it to the next level. It will take a lot of work as 2010 and 2011 JBS team member Sung Mi can attest to ~ liaise with community groups to raise participation levels, seek sponsorship, market, publicise and promote the event to the media and the public, arrange and organise entertainment, and the million and one other things that go into making such an event. 

Jeju Big Swim has the potential to be big - an annual event whereby dozens, hundreds, thousands of people swim for the environment. Jeju is just the start. Just imagine -  a Seoul Big Swim, a Pusan Big Swim, a Mokpo Big Swim, a Pohang Big Swim ..... Get your togs on!

Huge potential indeed!


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