Thursday, September 2, 2010

Phase 2 is in the planning stages.

My thoughts:

The most important thing. The goal – one of many – is to raise environmental awareness. How is that going to happen? It already has, but two main ideas: 1) I just finished balancing the books and as a team, we have only spent what our main sponsor, The World Environment and Peace Summer School, has given us – 2,500,000 – and what was donated in-house (200,000) from team members. Translation: We have more than 4,000,000 Won in The Jeju Big Swim bank account, which is EVERYONE’S donation, from KCTV’s 1,000,000 to Gwaneumsa’s healthy offering, to the 10,000 given to us on the Seogwipo docks. It’s all there and we have bandied the idea of using 100 percent of the money toward environmental educational program(s). 2.)

How to finish? We are having a meeting tonight (Thursday), and will work out the logistics. We are getting a relay team – including members from the Jeju sea swimming club – all Koreans, I believe. The more people involved, the better. The more Koreans involved, better times two. The more Jejudo Koreans involved, better times three. Relay is really open for interpretation. One person may swim 1 kilometer, the next 2 kilometers, any amount, in any order toward completion. Maybe during the last stretch, we can get all the participating relay members, led by Sherrin, to swim into Samyang the last 1 or 2 kilometers together.

Health. Personally, for the swimmer (and kayaker), finishing the project, as stated above, retains our overall health.

One more thanks. Our last donation that came in was from Kim Kyoung-ho. Thanks for the support. While relaying this information in an e-mail, Ji-su wrote, "Bless this man. Really."


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