Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saturday and Sunday's final stretch ...

We - Sherrin, Sung-mi, Ji-su, the vivacious Young-lim myself, and four other Koreans (named later), plus two other Koreans working close, but not directly, in the meeting space - were present Tuesday night to finalize plans for Saturday and Sunday.

It was Sherrin's 52nd birthday Tuesday and after the meeting, close by, we ate galbi tang at a "famous" Jeju restaurant.

On Saturday, Sherrin is going to drive me, the kayaker, to my last point of take out for re-entry and I will paddle to Iho Beach to meet the "New Jeju Swimming Crew" at 1 p.m., I believe.

From this point, weather permitting of course, Sherrin will swim from Iho to Dodu Harbor (a distance of 2.25 kilometers), and will relay off to Mr. Lee Jeong-hun from Dodu Harbor to Yongduam (4 kilometers), who will relay off to Ms. Park Hyeon-ha and Ms. Cho Yun-jeong from Yongduam to Tapdong (1.75 kilometers). Meanwhile, Mr. Kim Cheon-dae will be swimming all legs, the entire 8 kilometers. I will accompany for the duration.

All four members, apparently, are swimming for the Jeju City Hall Swimming Club, although Mr. Kim is the president of the Jeju Sea Swimming Club. All four are lifeguards. On Sunday, we will all get in the water just east of Sarabong and head to Samyang Beach arriving between 2 and 3 p.m.

A concert is scheduled for 6 p.m., - everyone is invited!


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