Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good advice always wanted

Sherrin and I are not religious. ...

Smiles anyone? I've never met Fred Dustin. I hope to some day. I'm intrigued at the foreigner lifers on Jeju. Fred seems to be omnipresent, but never seen. He is the foreigner God. I've had a fellow foreigner tell me last year, with so many Christians on the island, who needs Jesus when you have Eugene? Who is the Holy Spirit that completes Jeju's Holy Trinity, Father Cotter? Is Sherrin the Mother Mary, giving the virgin birth to Eugene? I'm honored to be surrounded by such greatness.

Concerning Day 5, Fred offers his expert advice: out of Sehwa, swim to Udo's Coral Beach. Then the next morning early "get across the tidal convergent area which runs east of Udo in a line roughly south off of [Sunrise Peak], which will give a good swim to [Seopjikoji] or even further south."

And Fred again (edited):
"Look at your map and tide charts again. You'll see it is roughly a 10-kilometer swim from Sehwa to the Coral Beach on Udo. Stay away from where the broad 'V'-shaped channel (deep blue on Google) hits the white or shallow area - very disturbed and turbulent on tidal changes, especially on an ebbing tide. I think from that Coral Beach, on an ebb tide, you can virtually 'float' between Udo and Sunrise Peak, but be careful where the two currents meet, the one coming along the east side of Udo and the current coming between Sunrise Peak, very turbulent sometimes. On that day, there will be an 88 or so centimeter tide difference; that's a lot of water moving through there. Best to strike out for the northern portion of Udo and let the current 'drift' you to the Coral Beach. Exertion on Sherrin's part just to make sure she is not swept past it!!! There will be some pretty strong kayak paddling needed there too!!

We will investigate further and are always looking for more advice.


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