Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Save Biyang-do for another day

I am an honest person. Sunday was not fun. A wretched hangover heading to Geumneung Beach in Sherrin's car with my head fighting all those Jeju speed bumps every thump of the way - dreading the upcoming rough waters between Hallim and Biyang-do. About 1.4 kilometers in distance, the water is dirty, turbulent, and, as we soon found out, ripe with high-speed fishing boats.

Not to mention the debacle of trying to coordinate swimming with the newbie lifeguards for the summer season. Clusterf*ck anyone?

I'll refrain from saying anything bad about the new crop of water saviors this year. But be forewarned there were numerous deaths around Jeju waters last year due to operator error.

From Hyeopjae Beach to Biyang-do we swam/ kayaked 1.2 kilometers and then I saw Sherrin doing the swimming treadmill stroke, not moving due to the strong currents. We packed up. She jumped in the kayak after fishing boats were swiftly making a B line for us. This was the only time I have felt I was going to tip into the drink (when Sherrin heaved her way in at the time of some choppy waters). I paddled us back wishing to get home and surrender to my bed in Samyang.

Oh well. We learned a number of things.


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