Monday, June 21, 2010

Sherrin's week from Hades

It's not easy living in Korea as a foreigner. I think sometimes the perception of what Korea thinks it is to the world never is congruent with what the outside world thinks of Korea. This causes conflict and I question how this "dynamic" country will truly globalize - or will it insulate itself back to the Hermit Kingdom?

Language difficulties are impossible to solve in this Free International City of Jeju. I'm not exactly sure what this slogan means. And believe you me, it is just that - a slogan. Is Jeju "Free?" Is Jeju "International?" Is Jeju even a "City?"

I'll save the true details, but will be polite, respectful and rude all in the Korean manner. Prescription goggles are hard to come by in Jeju. Sherrin found this out the long way. Paying duty for an aquatic watch is even harder. Sherrin's hissy fit with the officials in charge of collecting duties may have made her chances of getting her watch the hardest.

The woman from Down Under's last week has been wrought with chiropractor visits, vomiting, and pills. It sounds like the Rolling Stones circa 1970.


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