Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Secret Weapon

Sherrin says -

Yesterday I did laps. I swam for five and a quarter hours at the Ramada Sports Centre pool. I was able to do it, thanks to my secret weapon – my SwiMP3 player. Swimming laps for long periods of time is extremely boring and hence a real challenge. But not anymore. Loaded up with great music and a couple of podcasts I happily swam all those hours – in fact, the time passed quite quickly. It's not exactly hi-fi, but it sure beats the sound of bubbles.

I spent most of the day listening to songs from the "Rogues Gallery" album. It seems that when Johnny Depp was filming Pirates of the Carribbean, he became interested in sea shanties, ballads and pirate songs. Depp initiated a compilation album performed by a wide array of artists, including Sting, Bryan Ferry, Nick Cave, Lou Reed, and others.

I'm going to do another long pool session on the 22nd, however this time I will swim a full 6 hours. Have to say, I couldn't do it without my SwiMP3 player.


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  1. I think you showed me that SwiMP3 player. Must have been you. Whoever it was who showed theirs to me was tickled pink with it. Must have been you! :-)

    Reminds me of a story. Not really very relevant, but for some reason this story came to mind while reading your post. It's from a meditation course that I've taken.

    I think this is supposed to be from the days before airplanes though it really doesn't matter. Anyway, this highly educated man is on a cruise ship. He's on deck one evening talking with the old man navigator.

    The scholar asks the old man if he ever studied meteorology. The old man has never even heard of it. The scholar explains what it is and why it seems relevant to the old man's job, then says that the old man has wasted so much of his life, doing a job that he hasn't fully prepared himself for.

    Next evening, there they are again, talking. The scholar asks the man if he ever studied oceanography. Again, the old man knows nothing of this so the scholar explains and says that the old man has wasted half of his life not learning something so vital to his job.

    Next evening, the old man wakes up the scholar. He asks the scholar if he has ever studied swimology. The scholar said he's never heard of it. The old man explains that there is a huge storm that is going to engulf the ship and the ship will surely sink. He says that whoever can't swim will die for sure. He says that the scholar has wasted all of his life because he hasn't learned swimology!

    Actually, if you pick the joke apart, it doesn't hold water (hardy har har). But it's good for a chuckle just the same.