Saturday, June 26, 2010

Win one for the environment

Living in Korea the past 2 years, my belief in thinking optimism is just false hope cements itself firmer in my mind every day. It's rare I can believe what people tell me anymore. I just believe after the deed has been done and a person talks about it, rather than believing a person will do something before it's done, just a dream.

I was sitting at lunch one seat opposite of the principal at Sehwa High School a few weeks ago, and I had to ask who all these blue-collar dressed, middle-aged people were joining us at the lunch tables. I had no idea, a strange sight. One of the females sat with her tray directly in front of me.

I finally asked, and they were about 25 or so parents who were planting 50 trees around the grounds. I was elated. Even better, the mother opposite started talking in English to me and said she and a few others had seen me at Samyang Beach a few days earlier. These are honest, global citizens, able to act and talk freely. With all the other nonsense I have to put up with, events like this are fulfilling enough to keep me on Jeju (and hopefully Sehwa High School) for my last and final year in South Korea.


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