Sunday, July 11, 2010

The clean and dirty 'S' words ...

Twenty days before The Jeju Big Swim starts!

I won't throw anyone under the bus - just yet ... and for countless reasons. I'll remain loyal to our sponsor until the end. Please understand the differences among three groups: sponsor, supporter, and non-supporter. The dirty 'S' word is the non-supporter, those persons or groups who have said they would contribute money but are not yet - maybe never - listed on our link to the right ---->

The clean 'S' words (Sponsor and Supporters, all listed) and the positives: I am amazed at all the people so far, who would literally give their shirts off their backs for us - many I have never met before, and from all around the world, and even the local supporters that have been all around the world.

For example, Fred just offered Sherrin and I 4 nights transportation, lodging, and food at the Gimnyeong Maze Park after our scheduled first through fourth completed days. Thanks Fred!

The dirty 'S' word (non-Supporters, none listed) and the negatives: I will be the first one to rail against the country I am from and constructively criticize it. Ditto, although much more lightly, for the country and island I now reside in. One of the most disheartening and frustrating things about living here is the lack of follow through and commitment. While I am here, I respect and listen to well-traveled Koreans the most. Kim Seong-kon fits the bill. As a professor of English at Seoul National University and director of the Seoul National University Press, his writings are truthful about his county's NATO tendencies: No Action, Talking Only. So many people talking they will give us money, but the reality is nothing. Too concerned about image, they can't jeopardize their reputation, lest the Jeju rumor incubates, breeds, and spreads more rapaciously than Samyang's summer flies. Sad. On their ill-fated assumptions we can't finish our goal.

Isn't the island's reputation - which we are doing this project for - more important than the local individuals' or local groups' reputations?

We will be loyal to the people who have supported us from the beginning and who will be there - or attempt to be - when we start the Jeju Big Swim. I have a feeling more people will be there at the finish - and will be thankful - but we know the difference between the supporters and the non-supporters.


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