Thursday, July 29, 2010


Check out this article:

Great article.

"The truth can only be told in English" - Sherrin's words in an e-mail. ...

Not only true, but I think this makes the Joongang Ilbo look like absolute fools, comparing the Korean article and the English article.

I had a fairly intelligent conversation last Saturday with an older, bilingual Korean man about the Cheonan incident and why he didn't trust the Joongang Ilbo's coverage of it as he sees the paper as just a tentacle of the national government.

It all makes sense.

Tell the foreigners one story and the Koreans, of which more than 99 percent wouldn't read the English article and/or be able to comprehend the article in English, another. It all works because almost no foreigners are fluent in Korean (and so few Koreans are fluent in English), there's know way to know what is the truth.

Except, the paper's one mistake, there are trusty Korean translators who aren't brainwashed to believe what other people tell them, to actually think for themselves.

Sad. Joongang Ilbo. Sad.


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