Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last minute THANKS to ...

Before we depart today, these are more people, and some repeats, that have helped us get this far (so far):

1.) Once again to La Jung-im, CEO of Kakyo for the safety flares!!!! and a cash donation. Ms. La has been instrumental in organizing her friends and colleagues to support us, with money, water, and snacks from -

a.) Seo Dae-cheol, big donation!

b.) Nauri Mart, donation (In addition, when the Sehwa High School teachers and others go hiking at Hallasan, we all meet first in your parking lot, early Sunday mornings.)

c.) Mun Sang-pil, thanks for the money.

2.) Youn Tai-ik, Director of the Marine Safety Division for the Jeju Coast Guard, Korea. Word has it he is the best English speaker in the Jeju Coast Guard. Thanks for working with us, especially with Sung-mi, and the time you talked with Sherrin a few days ago.

3.) Kang Young-jin of the Samyang Beach Family Mart, repeat donor, gave the team 40 bottles of water, and a grand total of 3 esky(s), or collapsible water coolers.

4.) Ko Hyun-joon, the collecting manager for The Daily Jeju Environment News, donation and vested interest throughout.

5.) Mun Chang-bae, photographer and CEO of ISOP Studio, also a friend of Sung-mi's, thanks again.

6.) Louisa Frank, you said you wanted to remain anonymous. After today, I promise.

7.) Kang Yeong-yae, a friend of Sherrin's, who left a positive note on the Korean blog ("Sherrin, you can do it. I'm going to pray for you."), thanks for the cash.

8.) Yang Gi-jeong, for the First Aid Kit. Mr. Yang is with the Water Control & Disaster Prevention Division for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.

9.) MYSTERY. One person remaining to identify. On July 23rd, a donation was deposited from Choe Nak-chul. Thanks. Who are you? We will find out in due time.


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