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Jeju Environment Newspaper article

This article appeared in the Jeju Environment Newspaper, published July 18th, 2010, written by Koh Hyun-jun

The translation follows:
(Note: Ji-su translated this into English and Steve edited Ji-su’s English translation.)

Title: Promoting the ‘Environmental Importance’ by Swimming Around Jeju

(The woman of the moment) Australian Sherrin, for one month. Emphasis on “The sponsorship money from KCTV was a big help’

(Photo 1 – Sherrin, who is going to swim about 200 kilometers around Jeju to promote Jeju’s environmental importance)

All around the world, the environment is being destroyed, and Jeju as well. The garbage floating on the ocean, illegal fires, wasting energy, and air pollution from vehicles are destroying Jeju. As we have one world, we only have one Jeju.

If we want to sustain the current environment which is protecting us, we need to protect it as well. Environmental problems have reached a serious state. We have to change it.

This is the first time a foreigner – or anyone – is going to swim around Jeju to promote the importance of the island’s environmental importance.

(Photo 2 – First time, they made a team for the Jeju Big Swim)

Sherrin Hibbard (Australian, English teacher), who says, “We are making an important choice every day which we can change the environment,” Steve Oberhauser, and Tracie Barrett (Editor of The Jeju Weekly). These three are the main members.

“We believe we can choose to act to make our environment much cleaner and nicer.”

They will swim around Jeju from the end of July until August for a month to show people that people’s actions can change the environment. Steve will kayak and accompany Sherrin.

(Photo 3 – Sherrin has to eat and sleep on the kayak)

“We will swim about 200 kilometers and it will take about 30 days. Korea has long-distance swimming records but no records for swimming around Jeju. Also, nobody has swum around Jeju for protecting the environment. We are proud we are doing this for the first time in the world.”

They knew they couldn’t do this project by themselves so they made a project team named the Jeju Big Swim. Each team member will help from their position. However, they say, “But, we need more help.”

Swimming around Jeju for the local environment

(Photo 4 – The big adventure needs sponsorship from an organization or a business)

Even during the swim around Jeju, to save energy and money, Steve will camp outside [in a tent].

For Sherrin, because she can’t fit much in the kayak, this will be even harder.

They will communicate with the media by phone and internet but for their environmental message to spread, they need other financial support. Also, they still need safety equipment, such as an EPIRB, buoy, life vest, etc.

“We are going to swim as part of the World Environment and Peace Summer School, but we still need your help.”

Sherrin emphasized the sponsorship from organizations and businesses. “We asked organizations and businesses to become our sponsors to make this swim possible because this is a fantastic opportunity for a company to show the world they are a committed supporter for the Jeju environment.”

Because “helping this important environmental education and awareness campaign may be small work, but small work can change the world,” Sherrin emphasized that “we hope more people will join us for this change.”

(Photo 5 – Sherrin focuses on practicing every day with people like Tracie, who accompanies her)

”Will these three people bring change to environmental awareness? Yes they can! Because one action can lead to ripples of change.”

This is a message for one of the supporters.

Sherrin and Tracie met with the reporter on the 18th on their way to Hamdeok Beach from Samyang and said: “KCTV gave a lot of money to support and it helped a lot. Please tell the head of KCTV how thankful we are.”

It is just surprising how foreigners, not Jeju locals, are doing this kind of work for the local environment. If any organization or individual wants to assist, please support them by following the list below.

Web sites
Phone numbers
Bank account numbers

-Ji-su's writing, Steve (editing only)

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