Thursday, July 8, 2010



Hyun Sung-mi from The Big Swim Team contacted Reporter Yang Seong Cheol twice, after attempts to correspond via e-mail were not answered.

As I (Steve), am writing and taking the information from a Korean using English - very well, I might add - there are always things lost in translation.

Reporter Yang told Sung-mi twice to the effect: "If you want, sue!!!!" Very childish and unprofessional.

He also said angrily to the effect: "When journalists write articles, we have own ideas and reflect the idea. It is journalist and journalism."

Maybe in Korea, but not prevalent in the rest of the world consisting of more than 99 percent of non-Koreans.

Enough said. The Big Swim Team will move on.

This issue raises deeper issues: How is it possible a "famous" Korean newspaper allows its reporters to do this? How can Korea globalize with this mentality? A Korean friend asked me one time, "We Koreans are so emotional, but why can't we express our emotions [effectively]?"

Reporter Yang, why so angry? The Big Swim team expressed our concerns, truthfully. Why can't you express the truth, truthfully?


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