Wednesday, July 14, 2010

KCTV: Would the big donor please stand up?

KCTV – a company I have worked at part-time for almost 1.5 years – has surprisingly stepped up to the plate and will give the Jeju Big Swim team 1,000,000 Won on Saturday afternoon during the ceremony commemorating the second anniversary of KCTV English News at their broadcasting offices in shin-Jeju.

Wow! This is the first Jeju business that has firmly committed to a group of foreigners caring about the environment (also thanks to the Jeju Weekly, my other part-time employer, by the way, shameless plugs all around).

I’m not sure if this speaks highly of KCTV, or poorly of all the other businesses on the island. Perhaps a mixture of both.

Regardless, the donation is incredible. I was expecting little and wasn’t going to hold anything against anyone.


P.S. The budget scoreboard will be updated once the money is deposited into the Jeju Big Swim bank account.

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