Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thoughts on the maps

In all positive aspects of the word, Fred has become The Big Swim's resident curmudgeon at large. (Fred open your mouth more!)

He asks: Maps look nice but why all the turning?

All 20 of the maps were completed with exactly 0.25-kilometer segments. Using this measurement, the total trip takes 211 kilometers around Jeju. If I do a 1-kilometer segment map around Jeju, the trip total drops to 187 kilometers - the perfect swim. But Sherrin doesn't swim in a straight line. The 0.25-kilometer segment map is more realistic for planning. True, the water is a bit choppier at the shores, but if anything were to happen, we are happy to be closer to the shore than out at sea.

As for the maps, I think of them more as a guideline. The goal is to complete the swim within the allotted 27 days. The guidelines tell us this is possible and can be done safely.


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