Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five random thoughts ...

1.) Nine days left!

2.) One slight correction to Tracie's blog below: "No doubt Steve, with a little more weight ... would have fared much better ..." Although a kind statement, we could replace "with a little more weight" to "about twice the mass." Considering my mass and because of this more water in the kayak at my feet, and all of our gear, this is the most stable kayak - sea or river - I have been in. In addition, I have the option of filling the dry compartment that runs along the entire bottom of the craft at least one-third making it even less tipsy. I am able to keep it afloat; it's nearly impossible to sink, at least in the conditions that Sherrin will be swimming through.

3.) The money is rolling in! According to the Big Swim Accountant Ji-su, we now have 2,650,000 won. We are currently 2,350,000 won short and our peoples are promising that will be deposited soon. I'll keep updating this situation.

4.) My official, true story: I flew into Gimpo at about 6 p.m., Friday night and flew out of Gimpo about 6:30 a.m., Wednesday morning. What I did in between, don't be afraid to ask. If you ply me with enough booze, I may reveal an unexpected ladyboy story. I've only been here 2 years, but sometimes I forget the rest of the world is not cut and dry like Korea.

5.) Nine days left!


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