Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More gratitude

Kudos to these people for recently aiding with the Jeju Big Swim:

1.) Businesswoman and CEO of 가교 (Ka kyo) – La Jung-im – persuaded Seo Seoung-hyo to provide the team with water and snacks. Thank you, once again. The bug in my ear says that both people are doing well and working very hard.

2.) The always smiling and English speaking Mr. Kang Young-jin of the Samyang Family Mart (closest to the beach) gave us frozen water containers and a collapsible cooler. Sherrin commented, “It is incredibly useful – no more hot, soggy sandwiches!”

3.) Another mystery donor has been revealed. Hong Sun-young – a Jeju native doing her PhD in England – relayed this message (edited) to Sherrin: “Hong Young-ho is my brother. I am glad to hear that he finally joined in supporting the Jeju Big Swim team. He wishes you big SUCCESS. The Jeju Big Swim, go, go and go!!!!”


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