Saturday, July 31, 2010

Whirlwind 48 hours

It's 10:30 p.m., Saturday night and the Big Swim team has officially survived Day 1, arriving safely into Hamdeok Beach.

For every day's swim I will write two things. First, a recap of what we did and second a notebook of tidbits. There is some funny ass shit happening. Readers deserve to know. Sunday morning I will write and polish off Day 1's activities. I'm trying to take pictures, but I found out today it is very hard to paddle in a straight line and fiddle with the camera, while worrying about not getting the equipment wet.

Friday morning, there was an official Big Swim presentation at the World Environment and Peace Summer School. Thank you Kim Mi-ran for taking care of us and the PowerPoint you put together! Pictured below is Sherrin and Sung-mi at the talk and below Mi-ran telling the audience Sherrin's influence for the Big Swim is Martin Strel, the man who swam the Amazon.

Friday night, "The Last Supper" was held at Sherrin's (I'm looking for photos to post, Mars.), complete with Tracie's Thai cooking ability, gin and tonics, and daiquiris. Round 2 included many Cass Lemon cans on a rooftop behind the Tapdong Firehouse.

Saturday morning and early afternoon, the sweltering heat, media frenzy, pounding headache (no relation to Friday night), and my propensity to sweat buckets made for a long day.


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