Sunday, August 1, 2010


After experiencing the media circus upon departure, Sherrin and I left Samyang Beach on Saturday, July 31st at 1:30 p.m., and arrived at Hamdeok Beach promptly at 6:30 - exactly 10 kilometers in 5 hours, 2 kms per.

The local KBS crew followed us throughout, filming from shore, a squid fishing boat hired out of Hamdeok, and inside the kayak (see Day 1 Notebook). They joined us offshore from Jocheon.

Out of Samyang Beach, we passed the Samyang power plant, Sinchon, Jocheon, Yeonbukjeong, Hamdeok, and all scenes between. The Samyang Windsurfing Club serenaded us past the east lighthouse.

I navigated Sherrin in DEEP water past the power plant, and she swam in strong, straight current for 2.5 hours, no stops minus for water, before we met KBS. We took a few breaks with the crew for interviews (about 15 minutes total), proceeded to loop around from Jocheon avoiding the whitewater (rocks underneath) approaching Hamdeok Harbor in 45 minutes. The last 90 minutes were tediously slow with no current and waning energy into the beach.

Finally at Hamdeok, Fred and Hyon-mi from the Kimnyoung Maze Park met us for dinner at Sea Blue along with Young-lim (Korean documentary filmmaker). Filming continued throughout. Sherrin was whisked away to the Maze; I went back to Samyang for shower, sleep, blogging and more supplies for Day 2's start at Hamdeok, 1:30 p.m., departure time.


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