Monday, August 2, 2010


Thoughts on Day 2, randomly:

Korean blog pictures. Check out what our main man Kenny has done with the Korean blog at

What do we really look like?

Sherrin taking a break at the tip of Daryeodo.

Same for Steve. That is NOT white makeup.

Floating watermelon. True, there are many things not only on top of the water, but in the water close to the surface. Sherrin constantly is swimming into different pieces of plastic. I thought I was back home in the States, down South. At first it looked like a watermelon rind. I was able to get my paddle on it and it rotated a full 180 degrees, announcing, yes, I am a full watermelon. I couldn't stop. Sherrin had to go. I thought it strange to see this. About 15 minutes later, I saw a rind, thoroughly chewed down.

What else do we see? Plastic bottles of all sorts. Bits of styrofoam nonsense in all sizes. Plastic bags. What are those small plastic funnels???? Paper cups. Candy and chip wrappers. Wood, in all shapes. Two huge crates.

What I wish I didn't see. On approach around Dongbok's farthest outcrop there were about 20 people sitting enjoying the "pristine" conditions. I saw a woman go down a bit into the rocks (apparently out of view), closer to my sight, go to the bathroom, use some paper tissue, throw it on the ground, fix her clothes the proper way, and take her child by the hand to the other people.

Coast lines littered. Right next to the beaches, this out of Hamdeok Beach.

Finances. Our sponsors' and supporters' moneys have been meticulously recorded. So, too, is every won of spending. I think Sherrin and I are and will continue to be incredibly frugal. We will reveal all of our spending along the way.

One more donation. Thanks to Shara's Garden owner Shin Young for her donation and personally meeting us Saturday night after Day 1's swim into Hamdeok.

Media boats. Day 2. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the KBS squid boat yesterday.

Natural sites. Two cool things I saw today. First was a flock of sea gulls (maybe 50 in all), in unison approach over us, take a sharp right, and all disperse. Second, flying fish. I've seen them many times before. But it makes me realize the sea is really alive amidst all the garbage.


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