Friday, August 20, 2010


I screamed like a young, high-maintenance woman who had seen her first cockroach.

It was that bad.

Luckily, I was in sight of settled seas, and we had just passed the worst part in all of Jeju island's waters.

We marked off another 9 kilometers from Hwasun Beach to Pacific Rim Park in Sangmo-ri PAST Songaksan for The Jeju Big Swim's DAY 21 taking place Friday, August 20, 2010.

This took everything out of Sherrin, and I thought my energy usage was at least at 90 percent of full capacity coming around and finally passing the devil's bend.

Out of the west side of Hwasun Beach with magnificent Sanbangsan at our backs, we ominously went by Hamel's exhibition marking the spot the poor foreigner lad shipwrecked, (and not surprising there may still be many similarities to the reactions of foreigners on the island now as there were when he landed in 1653), the tame but awe-inspiring Yeongmori Coast, the difficult shallow options encountered by the brothers' island of Hyeongjeseom, and the treacherous Devil's creation of Songaksan.

Apparently, Koreans celebrate Songaksan because of the "famous" on site filmings for MBC's Daejanggeum and SBS' All In. Fuck that. I will habitually have nightmares from this day forward.

After finally passing that beast, with no wave rhythms, I thought I was in the clear drooling over the calm waters a few meters away. To my left, unannounced, whitewater nailed me on the left side. No warning. My vocal chords hit an extreme high note. Altissimo. Clothes sopping wet. Still balanced.

Sherrin powered her way through the inferno. Every person for herself and himself.

Frazzled. We landed at the Pacific Rim Park in Sangmo-ri.

Tomorrow is another day.


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