Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hyatt's donated suite for one night

It all started about 2 kilometers after swimming out of Seogwipo Harbor. Sherrin popped her head out of the water, and asked if she could get two donated rooms at the Hyatt, would that work? Considering we had about 13 kilometers to go and maybe 7.5 hours left in the water, I told her not to worry about that, at that time.

At lunch, she phoned Sung-mi, and put in her requests.

After landing at Jungmun, the solid plan was to first go to dinner with the JIBS producer, who was taking us out, and then get Sherrin to a minbak, and I was going to sleep in Eugene's hagwon.

There was also a reporter and a photographer for JDC in this mix as well, wanting pictures and an interview.

On the beach, in only Sherrin's most-persuasive-yet-somewhat-abrasive-if-not-subtly-hostile manner rang up the manager of the Hyatt and asked for two rooms, for two nights. They said they would call her back. Sherrin said it was worth a shot. She picked the Hyatt, only because they are known for having green, or environmentally friendly business practices.

A few minutes later, the deal was sealed for one room for one night. We cleaned up at the beach, went to dinner and all six of us headed for the Hyatt.

Sherrin was still in half of her haenyeo wetsuit, carried two paddles to the front desk, and they gave her the key card to an 11th-floor suite.
As we all entered, Sherrin was hitting the paddles on every conceivable part of the lobby - doors, elevator, and furniture.
I told her to be careful, watch the paddles, to which Sung-mi told me I was acting like her father.
No truer words have been spoken.
[Message to Caley, who I know is reading, 'tis not true? How many times in the last 10 years did I hear from you after I said something, "Thanks, dad."]

All six of us went up and this is what we found:

Eugene came up and soon after whisked me away to Wimi Harbor to fetch my scooter and off I went back to Samyang to sleep the night away.

A Seogwipo entourage appeared. In due reciprocation, the night before Ralf, Ok-sun and daughter Hannah took care of us, Sherrin entertained them in the suite the following night.

Young-lim made an entrance at 1 a.m., and even though I was not there, I assume it was very loud from this point forward.

Thanks to the Hyatt for providing The Jeju Big Swim a night of relaxation, or perhaps chaos.


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