Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Thoughts for Day 10:

Dorsal fin. My good friend back in the States offered this advice a few days ago via e-mail to me: "You should have told Sherrin to grab onto a dorsal fin. She could have caught a ride on a dolphin." One dolphin, maybe astray from the pod, greeted us upon departure today, showing us its fin.

Two people got us out of Sinheung-ri. Both Ralf from Big Blue 33 Scuba Diving and Young-lim, the sassy Korean documentary filmmaker, picked us up and drove us to Seogwipo for lunch and Sherrin's minbak accomodations. Ralf's cold water was a relief and the baking hot water left in the back of Young-lim's car worked as well.

Repeat, please. Whenever something real happens, such as a crash landing or emotions flying, there are no cameras. We could not and would not stage the landing again for Young-lim's camera.

Another donation. Thanks to J.H. Douglas for the money deposited recently. I do not know who you are, but other team members may.

En route to Seogwipo. We stopped by a Shaman structure, housing offerings for those people who use the sea for their benefit. We paid close attention.

Imbecile! It's been a long time since I have heard this phrase spoken. An old thought - but one worth sharing - as we were coming around Seongsan Ilchulbong, the marine police had maneuevered a fishing boat in one direction, but he turned the other. She was not happy and Sherrin's magical mouth spewed out: "Imbecile!"

Sea-sick patches. This is the first day I started wearing a little circle on my neck behind my ear. They are called a Kimite Patch (Scopolamine), a transdermal therapeutic system. Sherrin swears by them. It seemed to work. Even if it didn't, it has a positive placebo effect.

Thoughts on eating fish. My appetite for eating fish is waning. I went from eating fish, maybe one time a month back in the States, to at least 10 to 14 times a week the last two years while in Korea. That will change, knowing the fish are harvested in waters where shit, waste, and plastics are what they partially eat. What's inside those fish is not pretty, not to mention the chemicals it has lived its life through. Fresh fish is an oxymoron.

Plastic bags. They are everywhere. One of the worst inventions created.

Raw crab. This may sound strange. But I eat raw crab, shell and all. They're crunchy, and Young-lim's camera picked up that sound. I've eated numerous soft-shelled crabs all around the Chesapeake Bay, and Jeju's raw crabs basted in red pepper sauce reminds me of those. Occasionally, I do chew and discard - sometimes the mashed shell - Korean style.


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