Saturday, August 7, 2010


Thoughts concerning Day 7's action:

What is Sherrin's greatest (irrational) fear? Sharks.

What is Sherrin's greatest (rational) fear? Perhaps, my opinion, it is when heading into a section of rough, whitewater shore for a break, not being able to get her head up and getting hit on the noggin by rocks.

What is Steve's greatest fear? Remaining too close to Sherrin in turbulent waters and hitting a rogue wave the wrong way, thus presenting an opportunity she could get hit by the kayak, knocking her out. This fear is alleviated in uneasy waters, true to the form of what happened around Seopjikoji, by being within close sight distance, rather than a few paddles distance away.

Arrival into Onpyeong. Safe in the harbor of Onpyeong, and up a boat slip, looking around, we witnessed this man taking a break under the massive vessel he and many others were revamping. He woke up about 20 minutes later after Young-lim's loud demeanor was heard and motion camera was seen. He didn't like the camera, but he liked us. Thanks to this man who let us lock the kayak up in a storage shed. He also gave us each cold tomato juice upon figuring out who we were and what we were doing. And he greeted us the next morning. We bid adieu.

The meaning of mooch. I taught the other three members who were all eating lunch this day (Sherrin, Young-lim, and Sung-mi), what mooch means. Young-lim has a tendency to mooch a particular noun, quite often. After understanding, Sung-mi said: "Let's practice. Young-lim, how many _____________ do you mooch each month?"

Local knowledge. After lunch, the other women in the restaurant, many of them - if not all - were haenyeo, and Sherrin got the requisite information for the chances of swimming to Pyoseon Beach the following day. They gave us a thumbs up for six hours of swimming.

Haenyeo house. We stopped and admired the exterior of this likely remodeled structure.

Everything intact. After passing Seopjikoji, I was in awe that everything had stayed, not only in the kayak, but also in the same place.

Only a glimpse of Sinyang. Usually, I have ample time to admire every coastal landscape. The one exception was Sinyang Beach. Tucked in a corner, the heavily seaweed covered beach known for windsurfing, was only glimpse-able. The oncoming waves took precedence. Sherrin wanted to get in closer to shore and started heading toward the beach. I noticed we were not advancing although the waves were heading there. I turned her a bit and we went in toward some rocks.

Cool mural. After witnessing, day in and day out, the sameness of Korean architecture, it is refreshing to see noteworthy murals on buildings. Onpyeong's is no exception. The lighthouse matches the one out at sea.


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