Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My mind at work for the morning occurrences of Day 4:

Watchful eyes. Approaching Sehwa, the police kept an eye on us from shore. First in the car, and then the two officers got out observing as close to shore as possible for at least 20 minutes.

First break. Along the coast road between Sehwa and Rabbit Island, we were greeted by Big Swim media liaison Hyun Sung-mi (pictured with new kicks) and Korean documentary filmmaker Ko Young-lim. We took a breather. They kept on filming and taking pictures. The second break, Sherrin and I landed at Rabbit Island and walked around (see previous post).

Peace sign. A random thought, but Sherrin spurred the idea, because she said she wanted a Korean-style picture (below). When one of my older sister's visited with family last October, she asked, "Why do so many Koreans hold the peace sign up when taking a picture? That's so 1960s!"
Does anyone know?

Young-lim's Formula 1 racing ability. I've had the opportunity to be in the car with Young-lim behind the wheel. If she wanted to, she could be Korea's first famous auto racer, preferably in Formula 1. She spent many, many years in France, and I think has absorbed some incredible insider knowledge about the auto racer's mind. From Hado, she drove, with Sung-mi as witness, the coast road like she was in a video game.

Logistics. After exiting Hado, Sherrin went with Hyun-mi for the last rest at the Maze Park; mentioned above, Young-lim drove me to Woljeong Beach to pick up my scooter. I went to Sehwa, Young-lim and Sung-mi went back to Hado to lock up the kayak, and then to Sehwa High School to get permission to film me during my last day of English summer camp. They survived my school's lunch. I survived my last day of school. Hyun-mi dropped off Sherrin at Hado and after school I rode my scooter to Hado, parking it across the street next to the newly constructed taewoo.


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